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28 Aug 2018

[Linux] Linux 中常用的命令

I. Monitoring Programs Peeking at the processes $ ps $ ps -ef // -e: show all processes // -f: display...

16 Apr 2018

[Linux] find command

I.Find Command Use find command to search files in **nux like system. $ find [path...] [expression] path: . 表示当前目录 /...

16 Apr 2018

[Linux] Linux 中常用的压缩命令

I. tar Compress: tar cvf FileName.tar DirName Decompress: tar xvf FileName.tar II. gz Compress:gzip FileName Decompress: gunzip FileName.gz gzip -d...

10 Nov 2015

Clojure Environment With VIM/Emacs On Linux

How to set Clojure environment with vim/Emacs Clojure, is a dynamic programming language which tagets the JVM. It is a...

06 Nov 2015

Use jekyll to test your github-blog on Ubuntu Linux

Jekyll Envirnoment Configuration This tutorial is to set the environment with jekyll, this is a kind of web server which...

27 Oct 2015

Use Github Pages To Build a Personal Blog

Use Github Pages To Generate Blog I. Introduction Github is a code repository powerd by Git, we can put our...